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Why are you here?

To address long-standing spinal challenges, I need the assistance to keep my health as strong as I can.  With a history of multiple sclerosis, I find relief from the problems that muscle tightness causes.  Other injuries also bring me here for help.

The type of adjustment to my upper neck is effective.  Keeping my knees and feet open helps my mobility and flexibility.  There has been relief from some problems in my back that traditional medicine could not address.

There is a very caring attitude in the office, always working to accommodate my needs.  I appreciate the openness in sharing (my care) with other practitioners.   Kaslo, BC

Why are you here?

Dr. McKenzie helped me in a time of great stress when others in his profession ran away.  Steady maintenance has kept everything in check.

What improvements have you noticed?

Always solves the issues.

What surprise benefits have you gained from our service?

Awareness.        -H.W., Castlegar, BC

Why are you here?

Ongoing well being maintenance.  I often experience neck discomfort, mid-back tightness and dull low back pain.

Chiropractic in addition to massage and acupuncture each once/month help make all these feel better.

After a treatment, I always feel open.  Chiropractic always gives me the most immediate relief of all the treatments I do.       -S.L., Nelson, BC

Why are you here?

Chronic upper back pain caused from 20 year old ski injury. 

What improvements have you noticed?

Adjustments keep mobility and flexibility (and) helps relieve pain.

What surprise benefits have you gained from our service?

Ability to participate in many more activities.    -Nelson, BC



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